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Comprehensive Roof to Foundation Home Inspectors

Our team of attentive inspectors conduct a comprehensive investigation of all system operations and  structural soundness to provide you with a thorough, detailed report.

CMC Home Inspections the experts in providing thorough evaluations of building structures and systems in residential and commercial properties in the State College, Centre County and surrounding Pennsylvania communities.

Get a full report so you can make the right decisionSELRES_9027ee33-02ab-4481-8d74-d7e509879a3eSELRES_bfc5d4cb-1622-47d9-8d1c-ea09cc1458b7SELRES_2303ab43-4edd-4a81-970a-8b44a69d1566 SELRES_2303ab43-4edd-4a81-970a-8b44a69d1566SELRES_bfc5d4cb-1622-47d9-8d1c-ea09cc1458b7SELRES_9027ee33-02ab-4481-8d74-d7e509879a3eto invest in a new property.

Know where you stand while preparing to buy a new property or sell a property you already own.

Simply call our staff today and we will coordinate all your inspection needs. A home inspection is not a warranty or guarantee, but rather an evaluation of the condition of the home at the time of inspection.

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We will provide a comprehensive report on the physical structures and mechanical systems of the home you plan to buy or sell.