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CMC Home Inspectors offer expert, personable service.

Get a professional, detailed report of your property before your purchase or before you sell. CMC Home Inspections will evaluate every aspect and condition of the building and it’s systems from roof to foundation. You can feel confidant that you are getting the benefit of decades of experience from a team that enjoys what they do and cares for their customers.

Our team of attentive inspectors conduct a comprehensive investigation of all system operations and  structural soundness. We can reassure you that the building is sound or if it may have a potential for structural failure. Structural failure refers to the loss of structural integrity, or the loss of load -carrying capacity in either a structural component, or the structure itself. From the chimney, roof, walls, floors and foundation all aspects of the physical structure are evaluated.

Chimney inspections up close by expert inspectors

System operations are critical to the comfort and purpose of every property. That is why the inspectors at CMC Home Inspections scrutinize the important systems that you count on for comfort and easy living. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC are standard to our detailed reports. Insect, hazard and land inspections are optional services we will happily manage for our customers.knob_and_tube_electric

Old “knob and tube” wiring is still active in many of the beautiful homes in Pennsylvania. An unsafe system by today’s standards.


CMC Home Inspectors can help you discover structural and systematic issues that you should know about before investing in a property. Call on the experienced professionals for the expert inspection and avoid suffering “Buyers Remorse”.

foundation-wall-failure Foundation shift and settling can cause structural damage, it is important to identify and resolve the problems early on. plumbing_failure Plumbing size is critical to servicing your needs. Expensive issues can result when plumbing is done by weekend warriors.

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